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    A New Way To Avoid College Debt?

    SeekingArrangment may have your answer.

    SeekingArrangement is a website that arranges relationships on your terms.

    SeekingArrangment / Via

    Brandon Wade, the founder of the website, states on the site "Every successful relationship is an arrangement between two parties."

    Seems like a good setup right? Well there is one catch. To sign up you either become a Sugar baby or A Sugar Daddy/Sugar Momma.

    SeekingArrangement / Via

    A section of the SeekingArrangement website contains Sugar Baby University, where college students can connect with wealthy Sugar Daddies or Mommas to help pay for tuition and avoid student debt.

    SeekingArrangement / Via

    According to the site "Almost two million college and university students have joined for their Sugar Baby Scholarship."

    Including schools such as New York University and Arizona State University.

    Here is a video with more information about Sugar Baby University below.

    View this video on YouTube
    1. So what are your thoughts on this new way to avoid college debt?

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    So what are your thoughts on this new way to avoid college debt?
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      It's not my place and job to tell people what they can't and can do with their lives.
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      I don't agree with the idea but I understand why people are trying to avoid debt.
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      I think it's a great idea! Where do I sign up?
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      I do NOT agree with this at all.
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