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    12 Times Coby The Cat Was The Most Beautiful Cat On Instagram

    We just found your new favorite cat.

    1. Because Coby's eyeliner is better than most humans.

    2. And because Coby knows how to appreciate the finer things in life.

    3. He really knows how to get into the Holiday spirit.

    4. I mean look at this cute little begging face.

    5. You could get lost forever in those beautiful, deep ocean blue eyes!

    6. Even as a kitten Coby knew how important being comfortable in bed is.

    7. Look at how cute he is when he is "so over" all these humans.

    8. Coby knows how to work the camera.

    9. Who wouldn't want to look at this pure cat joy?

    10. He also knows how to enjoy a good cup of coffee.

    11. Coby is quite the intellect.

    12. Will you accept Coby's rose?

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