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13 High-Maintenance Things We Do To Look Low Maintenance

Let's all just be honest for a hot second. Get more perfect hair days in less time with Living Proof.

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1. Curling and styling your hair just so you can tease it and mess it up to achieve that bed-head look.

Yevy Photography / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: buenosaurus

~totally not trying~

2. Adjusting your position in bed until the pillows look cute and you find the perfect lighting for an #iwokeuplikethis selfie.

And the hand game covers that one pesky zit.

3. Saying "yes" immediately to a date night and then rescheduling all your plans with friends.

TLC / Via

Because #priorities.

4. Buying a pair of designer jeans that have been ripped to shreds for a distressed look.

Courtesy of Brittni Shalit /

you paid HOW MUCH for them!?

5. Spending literally four hours scouring the racks of a resale store looking for the perfect vintage piece.

Comedy Central / Via

Style on fleek for almost zero dollars takes patience.

6. Saving a flattering photo on your phone so you can post during peak "like" hours.

7. Redoing your messy bun four times before answering the door to invite your boyfriend inside to eat takeout and binge-watch TV on the couch.



8. Killing it in the gym five days a week so you can order a burger and French fries on date night (because you're obviously not the salad type).

9. Putting on foundation, cover up, and a little mascara (not to mention finding a flattering angle) for a #nomakeup selfie.

Thinkstock, 2.

10. Dyeing your eyelashes so you don’t have to wear mascara.


11. Spending 15 minutes taking a "candid" snap and then another 15 minutes deciding on the caption.

Thinkstock, 3.

12. Putting on a pair of leggings before running out to do errands, looking at yourself in the mirror, and deciding to change into another pair of leggings. / / Via

*keeps same shapeless, oversized sweater on*

13. And finally, drafting a “casual” text and getting a second opinion before sending it.

Courtesy Priya Minhas

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