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5 Reasons To Apply To The F17/W18 SAF Peer Leader Role

We're currently recruiting upper-year School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) students to mentor a group of 12-15 first-students who are in the School of Accounting and Finance. Peer Leaders act as a link to resources and people on campus. Here are 5 reasons why you should apply!

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1. Meet and work with some amazing, like-minded peers.


You’ll have a team of 13 other Peer Leaders to bounce ideas off of and network with. All of these teammates will be upper-year School of Accounting and Finance students just like you! This is a great opportunity to gain leadership skills in a supportive, safe space.

2. The role is only 5 hours per week on average.


We know that academics, extracurriculars, money and sleep…and Netflix are all important. Do it all with the Peer Leader role! Earn some cash, while still having the time to focus on everything else that is an important part of your University experience.

3. Gain transferable skills for Co-op, the Don role, or other opportunities.

Leadership, academic mentorship, organizational, and time management are just a few of the skills that you can learn or build upon in the Peer Leader role.

4. Students will look up to you

Help shape the future generation of SAF, while giving back to your campus community.

5. Network with SAF Faculty and Staff…like a boss.

Thinking about grad school? You’ll need some solid reference letters from faculty and staff in your program. We can help you network confidently with Faculty and Staff to support you and your mentees.


For more information and a detailed Job Description, check out the posting on Leads:

Applications are being accepted until February 3.

Not sure if you’ll be on campus for winter 2018? Apply anyway! We will interview successful candidates, place you in a pre-approved pool and officially hire you during scheduled rounds throughout the year until we have a full team. *Preference will be given to candidates who apply and can confirm their place on campus in winter 2018.

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