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Teen Innovation Awards: To Apply Or Not Apply?

Find out whether or not you should apply today!

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  1. Do you have a big idea?
  2. Does it seem daunting?
    i don't have an idea
  3. Do you like to do things?
    no doing things sucks
    heck yes!
  4. Do you like to lead?
    leading is for leaders like me!
    I'm more of a follower leading is for Simon
  5. Do you want to start early on your career?
    what career?
    I'm a (wo)man with a plan you know I do!
  6. Are you just bored?
    yeah. this whole high school thing is hecka boring
    nah bro I'm living it up
    yeah but I want to do something exciting

Teen Innovation Awards: To Apply Or Not Apply?

You got: Yes!

You are a teen with a dream. Go get it!

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