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Short story of a girl fighting for the equality of all

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Serena D'cruze

Instagram: livetobeknown

Photographer Instagram: cruzein_

I’m here for the boys and girls, the one’s who choose to stay out of the spotlight because they fear ridicule and bullying. They fear being noticed, because of the standards society has set for “perfect”.

They fear not fitting in and being hurt for their “flaws”. Im here for you guys and girls, im fighting for you, for your scars, for your beautiful soul to be given a chance to shine with no fear!

So, im going to share my journey, my story, my struggle and ultimately my conquering of my strength. To help you, remind you, give you that little jolt of electricity to spark that fire inside you! To let you know that you are beautiful, cherished, noticed and loved for who you are and not how you look.

This is my story:

Showing you where I was to where I came. I was hit by a van when I was 6 years old and almost lost my leg, at first I spent a year and half in the hospital, I had dressings everyday, surgeries every Friday and painful nights and days. I’m sure 95 percent of you don’t know this because I’ve probably never shared this with anyone. People have seen and questioned and questioned and questioned and I eventually got fed up so I avoided confrontations - I just wore clothes that covered my leg. I couldn’t in school because we had a uniform and of course I was bullied by some and called names, especially in primary school - Sometimes I was even excluded because of my leg, which is so stupid because accidents happen, scars shouldn’t define a person. My scars are my proof of my strength. Many years later I have evolved, I have evolved into self love and acceptance, I wear what I want and I am happy with myself - truly. I have always risen above my circumstances and my leg has never stopped me from pursing my dreams, it may have slowed me down but never took my hope away. You don’t know what I’ve been through but I have been and continue to be loved for being me, so when you see me smile don’t be quick to judge just be happy for me because I’m definitely happy for you. #iammorethan my leg and #iammorethan what people chose to see.

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