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Joe Cross: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Read on to learn about the life-changing decisions of a simple Australian man who lost 100 POUNDS, and what were his secrets for doing so ;)

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Today, I’d like to start by giving a shout-out to my number one weight loss inspiration, Joe Cross. You can hit him up on Instagram or Facebook in the links below! Joe Cross was born in Sydney, Australia, where he loved sports, drinking, and eating. He had an active lifestyle, going out to eat, working long hours a day, and partying with his friends.

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In 2005, Joe Cross looked in the mirror one day and realized that he was a very, very fat man. (No offense, Joe!) He was also diagnosed and suffered from an autoimmune condition called chronic urticaria. He spent one decade trying out different kinds of medicine, Western and Eastern. He took numerous of pills, tried loads of diets, and went ballistic trying to find a cure. His diet mainly consisted of processed, unhealthy foods. (OPPS!)

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(OOPS!) By the time Joe was forty, he was told that he was at the verge of his death, (weighing about 310 pounds). This was way too much for Joe. He loved life and Australia too much to leave us, and thank goodness he didn’t! He vowed to himself that he would only drink juice for 60 DAYS. CAN YOU IMAGINE? Well, Joe did it. And not only was he feeling awesome, both mentally and physically, he lost about 100 pounds, and his chronic urticaria was no more. He stopped taking all those pills for it, which is absolutely amazing. He traveled America during his reboot, doing only juicing for sixty days while spreading the world to everyone else who needs it, and let me tell you, a lot of us do!

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This diet is not recommended as a long term solution, only to help you reboot from all those bad, processed foods in your body. The whole time, Joe was under the supervision of his doctor and would use the 80/20 rule on his juices, meaning he would put 80 percent of vegetables and 20 percent of fruit in his juices. Amazing!

I would like you all to watch Joe’s life-changing movie, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. This movie features not only Joe’s journey from fat to healthy, but also other people’s perspectives and how they followed his example. After Joe’s sixty days, he went on to live a life of healthy based foods with no preservatives, and definitely nothing processed. And let me tell you, he ain’t such a bad lookin’ lad, ladies 😉

It is currently on Netflix for any of you health-loving addicts, and also for those just needing a change. Please watch it, this documentary is anything but boring and can open your eyes to numerous of things. Good luck, and thanks for reading everyone! Juice on!

Joe Cross, what a man! Website: Facebook: Instagram:

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