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    16 Glorious Ways To Eat More Turmeric

    Try these crazy-fun ways to boost your intake of this natural superfood.

    1. Cold Fighting Tropical Turmeric Smoothie

    Jane Saunders / Via

    3. Turmeric Infused Baked Potatoes

    Jehan / Via

    4. Golden Turmeric Milk

    5. Blueberry Turmeric Muffins

    Amanda / Via

    6. Orange Pomelo Turmeric Mojito

    Megan Wells / Via

    8. Homemade Turmeric Pasta

    11. Turmeric Coconut Bread

    Kushi / Via

    12. Quick & Easy Turmeric Lime Cauliflower

    Sandi Gaertner / Via

    13. Turmeric Chicken with Wild Rice

    Julie / Via

    14. Mumbai Style Batata Vada with Turmeric

    Naina / Via

    15. Cheese & Turmeric Oat Crackers

    Gunjan / Via

    16. Turmeric Gin & Ginger Cocktail

    Robin / Via
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