42 Moments You Actually Adored From The “Gilmore Girls” Revival

    Spoilers ahead.

    1. When the Gilmore girls were reunited in winter.

    2. When Lorelai reacted while re-watching a movie.

    She is me. I am her.

    “Oh, I love Gilmore Girls. But I can't watch this scene. But I love Gilmore Girls.”

    3. When Paris had this look on her face when Hep Alien was performing.

    4. When Lorelai's joke got no response from April.

    5. When Babette tried flirting with actors auditioning for Stars Hollow: The Musical.

    6. When Lorelai wanted to die while watching Stars Hollow: The Musical.

    We were all suffering right with you.

    7. When Luke and Lorelai shared this look.

    8. When Rory and Dean actually got closure.

    9. When Rory and Logan were being adorable.

    If you can ignore the fact that he's engaged (to someone else) and she's in a relationship of her own.

    10. When Lorelai tried to pack her camping bag.

    11. When Luke continuously gave out fake Wi-Fi passwords.

    12. When Kirk showed off how tough he was.

    13. When Luke and Lorelai were being all cute and domestic.

    If there is a Season 2 of a Year in the Life it needs to be 6 hours of this.

    14. When Luke tried to give Emily a hug.

    His awkward hugs are everything.

    15. When Lorelai blew Jess a kiss goodbye.

    16. When a second film by kirk came out.

    17. When Lorelai dressed Paul Anka up as Luke.

    18. When Emily and Lorelai fought throughout their therapy sessions.

    19. When Jess took Luke's hat and threw it.

    Probably payback for pushing him in a lake years ago..

    20. When Luke found himself powerless to Paul Anka.

    21. When Paris Geller was the perfect angry friend.

    And in heels.

    22. When we all time travelled with Francie.

    23. When Lorelai worked out with two coca-cola cans.

    24. When Rory and Logan shared their final goodbye.

    Ugh, just rip out my heart some more.

    25. When Jess inspired Rory to write a book.

    26. When the Life and Death Brigade made their reappearance.

    I get by with a little help from my friends.

    27. When Lorelai threw bagels at Kirk's head.

    28. When Sookie finally returned to the Dragonfly Inn (and Lorelai).

    29. When Michel saw Sookie again for the first time in two years.

    30. When Emily and Rory each kissed Richard's portrait.

    31. When Emily Gilmore said “bullshit” for what seemed like the first time ever.

    A true American hero.

    32. When Lorelai reminisced on the Bid On A Basket fundraiser.

    33. When Rory wanted to pause time.

    34. When Rory was walking around the Gilmore mansion reminiscing after deciding that was the perfect place to write her book.

    35. When Luke said that that he always considered Rory to be his.

    36. When Lorelai gave Rory permission to write about their lives.

    37. When Luke showed how super-proud of Rory he is.

    38. When Luke ranted because he thinks Lorelai is going to leave him.

    39. When Luke and Lorelai danced while "Reflecting Light" played in the background.

    Cause you know it's the same song that played when they shared their first dance at Liz and TJ's wedding.

    40. When Emily and Lorelai made this parallel/homage to the pilot.


    41. When Luke and Lorelai FINALLY tied the knot.

    This is the one thing most of us prayed for and our dreams came true.

    42. When Lorelai called Emily to tell her a sincere story about her recently departed father.

    “That was the best birthday I ever had. I just thought you should know.”

    Cue the tears everyone.

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