21 Times Kirk Gleason From “Gilmore Girls” Was Too Much To Handle

    “I don't know why everybody in this town always thinks I'm crazy.”

    1. When he made a movie.

    I think I rather watch The Yearling for the hundredth time.

    2. When he hired a fortune teller because he couldn't put his trust in the Doggy Swami.

    3. When he performed an interpretive dance about life and death.

    4. When he was the embodiment of being ~forever alone.~

    5. When he decided to learn tai chi.

    6. When he helped his girlfriend audition for the role of town whore...

    ...and when he ran around town after she got the role.

    7. When he filled in for his girlfriend as the town whore because she was sick.

    8. When he thought jumping out of a plane would be a good idea.

    9. When he played dress-up to advertise lunch at the Dragonfly.

    10. When not even animals could bring him comfort.

    11. When he was worried about his night terrors.

    12. When he slept in a glass box over Stars Hollow.

    13. When he practiced for his date and recorded it.

    14. When he pretended to be a minotaur at a town meeting.

    15. When he talked about himself in the third person.

    16. When he took his security job a little too seriously.

    17. When he wanted to cheat the system.

    18. When he thought Luke's Diner was only closed for him.

    19. When he showed off his *amazing* dancing skills.

    20. When he tried to compliment Lorelai.

    21. And when he ruined the one moment the entire fanbase had waited years for!

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