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10 Reasons Christopher Hayden Was The Worst "Gilmore Girls" Character

The girls deserved better.

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1. First of all, it took him nearly SIXTEEN YEARS to visit Stars Hollow, the town his daughter lived in, for the first time.

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With all things taken into account, if Lorelai and Rory never travel, how many times did Christopher actually see his daughter??? The father of the year award goes to... NOT you, Chris.


5. He missed out on the big moments in his daughter's life.

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I don't care who you are, you don't miss your kid's graduation. Sookie, Jackson, and Luke all showed up, but Rory's own dad couldn't be bothered.

6. He was easily manipulated into making shit choices.

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Christopher went to Richard and Emily Gilmore's vow renewal with *every intention* of getting in the middle of Luke and Lorelai's relationship.

I'm honestly not sure who I was more annoyed with: Emily for inviting him, or Christopher for going along with the whole charade.

7. He took advantage of people when at their most vulnerable.

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I understand that it takes two to tango, but Christopher took advantage of Lorelai when she was emotionally unstable. When Lorelai showed up at his place completely distraught after giving Luke an ultimatum, what she needed that night was a friend. Lorelai needed someone to talk some sense into her, not someone to sleep with.

Nothing is more painful to watch than this episode.


9. He pushed.

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Lorelai hardly had time to recover from the disintegration of her relationship with Luke, her actual true love, before Christopher forced her into marriage. They were nowhere near ready for this step. And, he didn't even think about inviting their daughter. Everyone knows Rory would've dropped everything to have been there.

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