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3 Things You Can Do TODAY To Help Your Anxiety

Let's be real- 2016 has been rough. You can't scroll through your FB feed without finding some stress inducing article. So let's change that. Here are 3 easy ways to calm the f*ck down.

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1. Move

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I know. I get it. When you're deep into a existential crisis the idea of exercising for at least 30 mins doesn't exactly sound... enticing. Who truly LOVES sweating? But if I gathered all the scientific studies that prove how it can help your stress/anxiety/depression, I'd have enough material to cure your insomnia. You won't want to do it now, but you'll be happy once your done. So get out and go for a walk already! (but be sure to finish reading this article first)

2. Journal

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Writing in a journal can seem silly, and at times... it can be difficult to think of something to write - but journals can be amazing tool especially when you feel like you don't want to burden your friends with venting (ps: you could never burden your friends with sharing your feelings). Write about your day, how you feel, what you're thinking. Remember it doesn't need to be a perfect paragraph or story. Make a list of things that you're worried about and WHY. The why is the important part. Let it out & let it go!

3. Talk

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Talk about the weather. Talk about the latest celeb gossip. Talk about this amazing buzzed article! You don't have to share your grievances if you don't want to but, Initiating human contact can do wonders for your worries. Not only will it make you feel less alone, but you'll also get a bit of a distraction. Call someone. Text. Bonus: go get coffee with them! Making the effort to connect to someone will make you feel more supported.

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