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I Let My Two Best Friends Dress Me For The Week And Here's What Happened

I put my clothing choices in their capable hands

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Therefore, I enlisted the help of my two besties Jenny and Mary to dress me for the week to see if they could mix and match my wardrobe and pick some combinations that I wouldn’t normally try.

The Rules

# For 5 days they would pick out what I would wear

# If they picked a crop top they had to match it with. something high waisted (so I wouldn't get in trouble at work)

# I had to stand back and not interfere with the choosing process (this was the hardest one!)

Day 1


The week got off to a good start – l was pretty happy about this one. Initially I wasn’t sure about mixing burgundy with dark green, and yet it worked. The high neckline is always a gamble as I feel I have quite a short neck, but the hair up-do counteracted this. The skirt was a little short so I was very aware that I can to keep pulling it down. Overall though I liked it and the cardigan is comfy af.

Comfort 4/5

Style 3/5

Overall rating 3/5

Mary – “I loved the combination of colours in this outfit, and thought it perfectly combined winter style and comfort.”

Jenny – “ Nicci loves a burgundy so I knew she’d appreciate this one – adding the cardi and boots made it a great and practical wintery look."

Day 2


I totally loved this one, especially the nautical vibe it gave off. The shirt was pretty new so I hadn’t worn it out yet, but matching it with the red skirt was genius. My only criticism would be the shoes - as wonderful as they look they aren’t great for someone who walks to work, so I had to bring two pairs with me.

Comfort 4/5

Style 5/5

Overall 5/5

Mary – “I thought Nicci looked amazing here, especially with the red lipstick which really topped this nautical outfit off well.”

Jenny – “Stunner alert! Mary and I knew we were on to a winner here, Nicci looks totally gorge and the combo of navy blue and red really made this outfit striking. Also those shoes are worth the pain when they look so good ;). ”

Day 3


I picked up this dress in Hot Topic on a recent trip to America. It is based on the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children books, and I love the dress as much as I loved the books! Matching it with my knee high boots and choker was a wonderful combination, I felt a little flashback to my goth days. I think this was always going to be my favourite as I like the dress so much.

Comfort 5/5

Style 5/5

Overall rating 5/5

Mary – “My favourite part of this outfit are the knee high boots, and Nicci pulls them off beautifully.”

Jenny – “Hooray for velvet! I loved the addition of the choker on this one, it gives the look a bit more edge. Totally agree with Mary- the boots are on point!”

Day 4


So this was the curveball one. I am not one to normally wear a tutu in the daylight, and although I liked the combination of the colours, the skirt was a bit of a pain as the material kept getting caught on stuff. Despite my misgivings it actually grew on me, and I am thinking of other tutu incorporated outfits.

Comfort 3/5

Style 3/5

Overall 3/5

Mary – “I wasn’t too sure about this outfit when we chose it, and although I’m a big fan of tutus generally, I think a skater skirt might have work better for a workday.”

Jenny – “Eeek! The controversial outfit! Personally I like this look, the different shades of grey work together really nicely and I’m very pro the tutu!”

Day 5


So I feel like a raging hipster in this outfit, but I totally love it. The trousers got complimented a lot by my colleagues, though they are a little tight on the hips. I was also very pleased about how well they matched with my Harry Potter cardigan, though I never would have thought about wearing them together before.

Comfort 4/5

Style 5/5

Overall rating 4/5

Mary – “I love this outfit as it would work in any season, and the tight trousers really show off Nicci’s fabulous figure.”

Jenny – “I like the trousers in this outfit, very much Nicci’s colours. This look works really well for autumn/winter and I love the quirky stag necklace.”

What I Learned

Firstly, it took a lot less time to get ready when all the clothes are picked for the week, so that extra time in bed was appreciated. Thankfully, my friends know my style and body shape pretty well, and so they did a great job in choosing new outfits for me. Doing the challenge has definitely made me think up some new outfits that I wouldn't have before, so a big thank you to Jenny and Mary for all their help!

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