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7 Reasons Why Everyone Needs To Get On The iZombie Hype

Being a zombie isn't fun and brains

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iZombie is an American TV show created by CW that follows the life of Olivia (Liv) Moore, doctor turned zombie who works in the police morgue in order to curb her desire for brains, very loosely based on the DC comic iZombie. While the title might suggest something straight out of Apple's new product launch, iZombie is actually a clever funny drama that gives a new twist to zombies that we haven't really seen before. Currently the first two seasons is being hosted on Netflix with the third season due to be released next year.

Here are my reasons why you should all add iZombie to your watch list:

1. It’s not your typical zombie show

Whilst shows like The Walking Dead in their own right are amazing, iZombie brings something different to the genre of zombies. In this universe, eating brains allows the zombie to have visions of the deceased and Liv she uses this ability to assist Detective Babineaux solve the victim's murders.

2. The title sequence is clever and fun

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The sequence is presented as an animated comic strip and gives you quick snap shot of the premise for the whole show. Accompanied by music from Deadboy & the Elephantmen which you can't help but sing along to.

3. The comic theme continues throughout


iZombie is very loosely based on the DC comic of the same name. As mentioned above, the title sequence very much plays into the comic book style. This is continued throughout each episode with new scenes starting with a screen shot in the style of a comic strip and a punchy name. It helps to tie everything together and gives a little shout out to its source material.

4. There is plenty of eye candy to look at


Everyone in this series are attractive, there is someone for everyone. Whilst this point may not the most relevant to the style and hard work of the production team, having a good looking cast does help to make a show more watchable.

5. Ravi is hard not to love


As Liv’s boss and willing accomplice in her zombie related activities Ravi is a lovable and honest character. He is often the conscience of the other cast members and even the more untrustworthy characters still have a soft spot for him. Ok so I might be a little bias on this one, but I’m British and it’s nice to see a British character in an American TV show that isn’t evil.

6. Liz on zombie brains is brilliant


Another part of eating brains is the zombie temporarily gains the personality traits of the victim. This assists in creating the comedic moments that make this show so good. In particular, this can be very amusing when Liv is investigating murders with Babineaux.

7. The plot never drops off

Without giving too much away the plot is consistent and never seems to slow down. The over-arching story line is well thought out and explained, and keeps the interest of the watcher. Again without revealing too much the second season is just as good as the first with the new challenges continuing seamlessly from the previous series.

Have you watched it? Let me know if you agree with my list in the comments below.

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