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The Cheapest, Best Colleges

BuzzFeed crunched the numbers — check out our matrix to find out which colleges provide the best bang for your buck. See where graduates get the highest-paying jobs for the smallest investment in tuition.

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BuzzFeed plotted tuition rates and average starting salaries from PayScale to come up with our best value colleges list. We only looked at out-of-state tuition rates for public schools.

We then weighted both ranks equally and tallied them up for our top 10.


10. WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) / Public Domain

WPI comes in at No. 10 on our list. A bit expensive to attend but it's well worth it since WPI graduates have some of the highest starting salaries in the country.

8. Princeton

Quantockgoblin / / Public Domain

Princeton is the only ivy in our top 10 and comes in at No. 8. It's moderately priced compared to some other schools in our matrix and starting salaries are pretty high.


6. CalTech

Claire / / Creative Commons

California Institute of Technology ranked sixth on our list. Tuition is a bit more expensive, but it's well worth it as this school has the highest average starting salary on our list.

And here are the next 40 in case you're wondering where your school stands...

11. MIT; 12. Illinois; 13. Stevens; 14. Rice; 15. Stanford; 16. UMass; 17. BYU; 18. Drexel; 19. Lehigh; 20. Rutgers; 21. Minnesota; 22. Case Western; 23. Michigan; 24. Seton Hall; 25. Penn State; 26. Wisconsin; 27. Tulsa; 28. Notre Dame; 29. Cornell; 30. RPI; 31. Illinois Tech; 32. Maryland; 33. Widener; 34. Ohio State; 35. Georgetown; 36. Carnegie Mellon; 37. Texas; 38. UPenn; 39. Northeastern; 40. UVA; 41. UCLA; 42. Harvard; 43. Duke; 44. UConn; 45 Florida; 46. Johns Hopkins; 47. Wash U; 48. Brown; 49. Columbia; 50. Dartmouth.

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