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    Definitive Proof That Tina Belcher Is A Spirit Animal To Us All

    Love may come and go, but butts are forever

    She Gets How Heartbreak Feels

    But Also Knows You Can't Give Up Too Easily

    We all have our own Jimmy Jr. and you just can't give up on that!

    She Asks The Tough Questions

    Don't even pretend you don't want to know the answer, because let's be real WE ALL DO

    She's Fierce

    Self- Confidence Level: 1,000

    She Knows What She Wants In A Guy

    She Means Business

    She Has Paralyzing Fears

    That are totally realistic and legit

    She Knows The True Meaning Of Beauty

    She Has Her Weaknesses

    We all have our personal kryptonite (and there's a 99% chance it's butts)

    She Has Unique Hobbies

    We'd be lying to ourselves if we said we never wrote fanfiction, or at least read some, in our younger years

    Those Dance Moves

    'Nuff said

    She Knows How To Deal With Mom

    And does it flawlessly every time

    She Gets How We Feel After A Rough Day

    Or after pretty much any day

    So She's A Little Awkward Sometimes...

    Aren't we all?

    That Just Makes Her More Like Us!

    Keep On Being You, Tina's Of The World

    We salute you!

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