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    11 Signs That You Are Mabel From Gravity Falls

    Just when you thought you had outgrown the Disney Channel, they created your spirit animal!

    1. You have killer dance moves

    2. You have an incredible collection of sweaters


    And have no shame in flaunting them

    3. You secretly (or not so secretly) wish you could do this

    4. This is a typical response when things don't go your way

    5. You understand your place in society (and are totally OK with it)


    In fact you know how to work it pretty nicely

    6. You're not afraid to take a chance when it comes to love


    Even if it does mean you leave your crush with no option but to love you (because let's face it why would they even want any other options!?!)

    7. You love sending heartfelt letters to friends and family


    Because who doesn't love mail!?!

    8. You are a true comedic genius!


    Even if not everyone appreciates your special sense of humor

    9. The little things in life excite you


    And really we all should share your enthusiasm!

    10. And even though you can sometimes be a little creepy...

    11. You're loved just the way you are!


    Awkwardness and all!


    Keep being you Mabels of the world!

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