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Madonna Albums Ranked Worst To Best

Over the past 3 decades Queen M has graced us with 13 pretty amazing studio albums. But which one is the best? Time to find out.

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13. MDNA (2012)

Interscope / Via Wikipedia

The hard part of ranking Madonna's albums is that unfortunately one has to fall in last place, and that spot belongs to 'MDNA'. Although it is not her best it does have its moments. She attempted to create an electronic dance sound, almost similar to Girls Aloud's 'Tangled Up' but more towards the dubstep side. Also, is it just me or does 'Masterpiece' sound like a rip off of Rihanna's 'Te Amo'? The record is quite obviously filled with album fillers instead of floor fillers and more effort could have been put in to making the album, but it is not completely awful and some tracks are enjoyable. I'm also very glad that I went on YouTube yesterday and discovered I wasn't the only who thought Britney Spears' song 'Ooh La La' completely copied 'Superstar'.

Song(s) That Should Not Have Been on the Album: Some Girls, I'm a Sinner

Fun Fact: Madonna explained that the title of the album is a triple entendre, being an abbreviation of her name, her DNA (Madonna DNA - MDNA), as well as a reference to the drug MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy. The decision to make MDNA as the album title was condemned by Lucy Dawe, a spokesperson for the anti-drugs campaign group Cannabis Skunk Sense, who felt that Madonna's choice of the title was "an ill advised decision".

12. Hard Candy (2008)

Warner Bros. / Via Wikipedia

Ladies and gentleman, may I introduce to you - 'M - DOLLA'.

'M - DOLLA' was the club loving money making persona Madonna invented for 'Hard Candy' way back in 2008. At first the album seemed like a desperate attempt to jump on the hip hop band wagon, and be able to relate to the teenagers of the world, as the album included vocals and production from Justin Timberlake, Kanye West and Timbaland. Fortunately though, time has been good to 'Hard Candy' and fans have begun to admire it. Whilst she was still in her B - TEC disco days back in 2006 on tour promoting 'Confessions on a Dance Floor', Justin Timberlake released his second album, 'Future Sex / Love Sounds'. Madonna listened to the album and immediately fell in love with it, thus inspiring her to work with him. Good thing she liked the album otherwise 'Hard Candy' probably wouldn't sound as good as it does. This project moves her away from everything she's ever done before and it was the start of a completely new era for Madonna. Overall, the album is a fun experiment and doesn't sound anything like you think it would.

Song(s) That Should Not Have Been On The Album: Incredible, Spanish Lesson

Fun Fact: Madonna had initially decided to portray herself as the Black Madonna for the cover art, and call it the same, but later felt the idea may have been seen as controversial. She instead named the album "Hard Candy", which refers to the juxtaposition of toughness and sweetness. Some critics took note of her attempt to lower the controversy but others stated it as 'an attempt to catch the eye of the urban market'.

11. American Life (2003)

Maverick / Warner Bros. / Via Wikipedia

Up next we have 'American Life' where Madonna decided to get political and express her views and worries about America. Though some tracks on the album are about her personal life and relationships, the overall tone of the album is that she is embarrassed about what America has become. Many critics have said that it does not sound like a Madonna album, stating that the lyrics are too defeatist and that she is anything but. They have said it was not as enjoyable because of this and it does not sound like her heart was in it. Some critics have said the complete opposite and think that it is a very bold statement she is making with this album. The tracks on the album are fun techno beats, the inspiration for this started when Madonna was asked to record 'Die Another Day' for the James Bond film of the same title. Madonna obviously enjoyed it so much she decided to make a whole album based on the same sound! 'American Life' is unlike any other Madonna album and stands out a lot, despite what critics say it is a very nice piece of work and Madonna should be proud of it.

Song(s) That Should Not Have Been On The Album: I'm So Stupid

Fun Fact: The lead single and title track, 'American Life', is one of the very rare times Madonna has rapped on a song! Critics were impressed by this as it is a rare seen talent from her.

10. Rebel Heart (2015)

Interscope / Via Wikipedia

'Rebel Heart' is a very organised album. It sticks to the theme of sex, love and being invincible. It was definitely an improvement after her previous album 'MDNA' which did not impress many. It includes provocative and audacious songs like 'Holy Water' which some critics stated as the most daring song of her entire career. It is a very fun album and a fresh reminder that she is, and always will be, 100% freedom fighter.

Song(s) That Should Not Have Been On The Album: S.E.X.

Fun Fact: On November 28, 2014, two songs from the album, "Rebel Heart" and "Wash All Over Me", were leaked onto the Internet. The songs were immediately taken down and Madonna's manager tweeted asking for assistance in finding the source of the leaks. On December 17, 2014, a total of thirteen songs were leaked, as well as artwork suggesting the album was to be named Iconic. An aggravated Madonna clarified that the songs were demo versions from earlier recordings; she described the leak as "artistic rape". Madonna said in an interview that after the leaks she and her team tried to trace them back to the where they came from, they did not succeed. A police investigation led to an Israeli man being arrested and charged with hacking into Madonna's computer and leaking the songs. The man has also been suspected of leaking some of Madonna's material beforehand.

9. Like a Virgin (1984)

Sire / Warner Bros. / Via Wikipedia

'Like a Virgin' is quite an odd album. True it spawned 5 (well, technically 4) of Madonna's biggest singles, but just like 'American Life' this album had very mixed reviews. Some have said that people only love this album for the singles and that the album tracks are no good to listen to, whereas others state that it is the defining moment of her career. It has been honored for its fun classic disco beats and it is one of the best selling albums of the year it was released. All this adds up to prove that no matter what anyone says, it will always be a monumental album and remembered forever.

Song(s) That Should Not Have Been On The Album: Stay

Fun Fact: Madonna wanted to be the record producer of the album. However, her label was not ready to give her the artistic freedom she wanted. This resulted in her choosing Nile Rodgers to produce the album due to his work with David Bowie. Madonna wrote six songs on the record, these include Madonna's first UK number-one "Into the Groove". The album also featured her first US number one, 'Like a Virgin'.

8. Music (2000)

Maverick / Warner Bros. / Via Wikipedia

Yee - haw! Grab your cowboy hats kiddy winks because in seventh place we have 'Music'. Madonna is, and has been since the beginning of her career, a pop machine, only this time she has incorporated country into her sound. She hadn't produced a country album beforehand, so the fact that she decided to do it so late in her career intrigued critics. People were interested to see how well she could relate to the classic western sound people were hoping to hear, and they were pretty shocked when they heard the outcome. It still sounds pretty good, even after 17 years, it's very fun to listen to and quite enjoyable.

Song(s) That Should Not Have Been On The Album: Impressive Instant

Fun Fact: Since Madonna had said she was going to release an album way before the release date of 'Music', fans were suspicious about what was happening behind the scenes. This prompted her to release a statement on her website:

"Hey Mr. DJ, put a record on... Hi, it's Madonna. You've probably been hearing about my new record, 'Music', for a while. Well, I just wanted to make sure you knew that the single is gonna drop very soon. I worked on it with a French guy named Mirwais, and he is the shit. The album will be released worldwide on September 19, and I hope you like my music".

7. Madonna (1983)

Sire / Warner Bros. / Via Wikipedia

The beginning of a new era for pop music, Madonna's self titled, and first, album. It's the kind of debut every singer dreams of having and it shocked people all across the world. The Queen had finally burst onto the scene with her vocals that screamed, passion, boundless energy, and a hunger for true love. A stone cold classic that will still be super glued to your brain for decades to come.

Song(s) That Should Not Have Been On The Album: Think of Me (that's a maybe though, the song isn't actually that bad)

Fun Fact: In 1982, Madonna, aged 24, was living in New York, and trying to set up her music career. At that time she was a frequent performer at the Danceteria nightclub in New York. It was here that Madonna convinced the DJ, Mark Kamins to play her song, and eventually debut single, "Everybody". The song was received positively by the crowd, and Kamins decided that he should get Madonna a record deal, on the understanding that he would get to produce the single. He took her to his boss Chris Blackwell, who owned Island Records, but Blackwell refused to sign Madonna so they approached Sire Records. Michael Rosenblatt, who worked in the artists and repertoire department of Sire, offered Madonna $5,000 in advance, plus $10,000 in royalties for each song she wrote.

6. True Blue (1986)

Sire / Warner Bros. / Via Wikipedia

'True Blue' was quite a change for Madonna, a spectacular one too. The album deals with her visions of love, work, dreams, as well as disappointments, and was inspired by her then husband Sean Penn who she dedicated the album to. Musically, the songs on the album took a different direction from her previous projects, incorporating classical music in order to engage an older audience who had been skeptical of her music. Although some critics thought the album sounded like a knockoff of Phil Spector *cough* Jimmy Jimmy *cough*, her plan obviously worked and she became a pleasure to people of all ages.

Song(s) That Should Not Have Been On The Album: Love Makes The World Go Round (again, not awful but can get a bit annoying)

Fun Fact: Madonna described the album as " ultimate statement about what it's like to be in the middle of this Press stuff with everybody on my back, my world about to cave in. Whenever I feel like that – and it does get to me sometimes – I say 'Wait a minute, I'm supposed to be having a good time here, so where's the party?' It doesn't have to be this way. I can still enjoy life".

5. Confessions on a Dance Floor (2005)

Warner Bros. / Via Wikipedia

I'm gonna be completely honest here, I used to hate this album so much as

I listened to it more and more I realised how clever it actually was. She incorporated issues that were actually occurring in her life into fun pop songs. What better way to tell the world how you're feeling? An iconic album and era all together. Also did you see that massive glitter ball she used for the tour????? THIS IS WHY WE CALL HER THE QUEEN!

Song(s) That Should Not Have Been On The Album: Push

Fun Fact: The title arrived from the fact that the album track listing consists of light-hearted and happy songs in the beginning, and progresses to much darker melodies and lyrics describing personal feelings and commitments.

4. Erotica (1992)

Maverick / Sire / Warner Bros. / Via Wikipedia

It's safe to say that Madonna reached the peak of her sexual journey in 1992 with the release of 'Erotica'. It was released along with a book fittingly titled 'Sex' (if I ever come across that book again it will be 10 years too soon). While the main theme is about Madonna's sexual relationships, some songs take on a more dark and confessional tone, influenced by two of her close friends she lost to AIDS. Madonna's sex goddess alter ego, 'Mistress Dita', takes you on a thrilling 76 minute journey of sex and heartbreak, you will leave feeling strange and you will have a completely new view on Madonna.

Song(s) That Should Not Have Been On The Album:
Did You Do It?

Fun Fact: The album took almost a year to make due to problems with sequencing, and here's the story why:

Madonna chose Shep Pettibone to produce her music in the style of his remixes. Unfortunately, during the sessions they had problems during sequencing and as a result, the production for the album was going to be very rushed due to this. Luckily Pettibone had a change of heart, he stated that Madonna's compositions were serious and intense, which indicated that the music delved into deeply personal territory for her. This made him take all the time needed to produce it as he knew it meant a lot to Madonna.

3. Bedtime Stories (1994)

Warner Bros. / Maverick / Sire / Via Wikipedia

'Bedtime Stories', just like 'True Blue', was a turning point for Madonna. After the controversial release of her album 'Erotica' and her book 'Sex', Madonna decided to tone down the sexual aspects of her career. SHE. SUCCEEDED. AND. THE RESULT. WAS FUCKING. INCREDIBLE. AND. PERFECT. It is a dreamy R&B record that will have you in a trance with its magical songs. You might not recognise the singles by their titles but once you hear them you will taken back to a magical time in music, same goes for the album tracks. 'Bedtime Stories' is pretty flawless, dare I say her best album, and is a truly bewitching record.

Song(s) That Should Not Have Been On The Album: None of them every track is fucking great lol

Fun Fact: The title of the album is a pun as the tracks on the record refer to erotic stories. Some people thought that in a way the album is really a book of stories you can tell your kids at bedtime. It is a helpful way of explaining sexual aspects of life to children. Madonna has always thought that children should be better informed about sexuality as they will be better educated about the world.

2. Like a Prayer (1989)

Sire / Warner Bros. / Via Wikipedia

In second place we have the ultimate fan favourite that is 'Like a Prayer'. The album astounded critics worldwide and sales sky rocketed through the roof, and that's just getting started! She worked with major icons for the album including Prince, which is probably why it sounds so good. Not to mention the fabulous 'Blond Ambition Tour' that came along with it, I will forever be jealous of everyone who got to attend a concert.

Song(s) That Should Not Have Been On The Album: You read the description for 'Bedtime Stories' bitch you should know what this was going to say already

Fun Fact: Madonna dedicated the album to her mother who died when she was young, stating that the album is a collection of songs about her bonds with her family.

1. Ray of Light (1998)

Maverick / Warner Bros. / Via Wikipedia

Oh 'Ray of Light', what a precious album. By far the most mature piece of work by Madonna. It only took her 40 years to discover how spiritual she could get when she created this dazzling piece of work. The album does exactly what a successful pop album is supposed to do, stick to one theme, explore the different areas of that theme and eventually end up sounding like a story. It is extremely powerful and you will be shocked about what a person can do when they have the ability to enter the spiritual version of themselves.

Fun Fact: The theme of the album was inspired by Madonna's love of Kabbalah, her study of Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as her daily practice of Hatha Yoga.

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