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    • Smokin' Joey

      Larry Conners was the original young reporter who ranted (along with Marvin Zindler) about a certain Texas “Chicken Ranch” bordello until they forced it to shut down in 1973.
      He was portrayed (sniveling) by Dom Deluise in the Burt Reynolds /Dolly Parton movie “Best Little Whorehouse In Texas” . The story was also portrayed in a Broadway Musical, featured in 2 stories in Playboy Magazine (1974), and was in the ZZ Top song “La Grange”.
      True facts. Since the 2008 elections; Larry has gotten politically terse, often “on-air angry”, and turning old-white-guy bitter. His health wasn’t so go a few years back, and he seemed to transform into more of uber-conservative host (like Rush Limbaugh when he was addicted to Oxycontin).
      Belo Corp. did the right thing suspending Connors. He was coming unraveled and turning into a weird Angry Man “HOWARD BEALE” from the movie “Network”. Larry Connors’ future likely lays as a “Teabaggie” AM radio host claiming to be some sort of “patriot” victim of the “gubermint”.

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