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7 Touching Twitter Tributes A Decade On From 7/7

Today, London remembers those who lost their lives in terror attacks ten years ago.

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The city came to a standstill at 11:30am for a minute of respectful silence.

London falls silent to mark #sevenseven anniversary

A minute's silence in memory and reflection of all in #sevenseven #lambeth fire station. @LondonFire

At Tube stations across town and in the middle of the street, people stopped to observe a minute's silence for the victims of the 7/7 bombings.

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes. #sevenseven

BBC News are paying tribute to each of the 52 victims, one by one.

A very poignant tribute by @BBCNews The names & images of each of the victims, posted in sequence. #sevenseven

Because each victim was an individual, with a life and family and friends.

Londoners reflect on the camaraderie they felt, just hours after the bombings.

Ten years ago, with hoards walking home across Waterloo bridge. A look up, a smile at each other, everything is going to be ok #sevenseven

Survivors were united with the police officers that rescued them, 10 years ago.

'To them, I was a precious human life' #GillHicks @MADforpeace She never stops saying thank you. #999family #NHS

Commuters are walking the streets of London together, instead of taking the Tube.

Londoners #WalkTogether in unity and defiance on 7/7 anniversary #sevenseven

And news networks everywhere acknowledge that London has and will carry on as normal, defiant and without fear.

Our city survived and prospered. I'm so proud to be a Londoner #sevenseven

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