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6 Times Fox News Failed Miserably

There's just no defending it.

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1. DO NOT visit Birmingham

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Who could forget the time Steven Emerson, a self-proclaimed ‘expert,’ on terrorism, claimed that Birmingham was locked in a terrorist hold. Emerson was quick to tell presenter Jeanine Pirro about ‘zones’ in certain countries like Britain, with cities like Birmingham being ‘Muslim-only’ and a ‘no-go’ area for non-Muslims and even the police. He fell short of justifying his ludicrous claims and couldn’t even manage to pronounce ‘Birmingham’ correctly.

2. Obama is dead, guys

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The death of Osama Bin Laden back in 2011 was one of President Obama’s great achievements. Well, not according to Fox, who seemed to be subconsciously wishing that the roles had been reversed. I mean, they’re well known for their Obama-bashing, but this may have taken it one step too far.

3. They're seeing double

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So, it turned out that the behind the scenes team at Fox are just as catastrophic as their live news team, when back in 2012 they put up a picture of Sarah Palin during a broadcast. Or so they thought. The picture they really used was of comedian and actress Tina Fey pretending to be Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live. Let’s just say if you can’t recognise your own politicians, you probably shouldn’t be working on a news station.

4. It's the end of the world, as we know it

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Opinionated broadcaster Megyn Kelly wowed viewers in 2011 by warning that global warming could lead to the demise of mankind. And, apparently, it’s all our fault, because the aliens would only attack after seeing ‘how dangerous we are to the environment.’ Someone needs to tell this woman that saying ‘I’m not making it up’ doesn’t make it more credible. You only have to Google ‘Megyn Kelly lies about…’ to see that she’s at the top of the fictional leaderboard.

5. Editing - not a strong game

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Considering who owns it, its size and the fact that all its presenters seem to be nipped, tucked and mascaraed to death, Fox is well known for its sloppy editing and graphics. And that’s not even counting the number of times they’ve ‘accidentally’ linked to footage of Obama during terrorist discussions and accusations. This serious conversation about Palin and McCain after the 2011 election was, well, ruined by the video of a fat kid that they managed to play over the dulcet tones of Shephard Smith. Good work.

6. Cut the footage.

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Okay, so this one is by no means amusing. Back in 2012 while Fox was covering a live car chase they managed to misread the situation completely, and kept cameras rolling while the suspect tried to escape on foot and then shot himself. Grisly. Despite everyone’s favourite anchor, Shep, starting to look uneasy the news channel failed to cut away from the live feed on time, leaving viewers feeling a little worse for wear. And that, my friends, is possibly the worst mistake that’s ever been made on live news. Ever.

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