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40 Thoughts Everyone Has During A Domestic Flight

There's a special place in hell for people who queue before their boarding group.

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Domestic flights are the easiest things ever. And I checked in online.

Except I checked in online, didn't I?

I don't know if I'm happy or concerned. Did they actually scan anything? I mean, doesn't looking for bombs take a little more time than that?

He looks shifty. And his bag is kind of bulgy.

There's a lot of gates in this airport.

Man, there's a lot of crappy eateries here.

Must eat sub without getting sweet onion down myself.

Where the heck are some of these people going?

There's a lot of people getting off this plane.

Why are they boarding children and disabled people AFTER boarding group A?

Which side of these silver poles am I meant to stand on?

Oh, so you're going to make me climb over you now.

Didn't I sit next to you on the flight OUT here?

You're looking at me as if I'm genuinely going to hand over $5 for a glass of wine.

There's a pretzel packet in my seat pocket.

Come back, lady?

We must be nearly there. This flight is so short.

Where do they get all this information about the airport from?

Why are you people standing up? The fasten seatbelt sign is still on.

Why is waiting to get off a plane more painful than waiting to get on?

If you're getting off the plane, STAND UP.

Right, time to speed walk my way through immigration.

I can seriously just walk out of here? Just like that?

And there's nobody here to pick me up.

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