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10 Simple Things You've Been Doing Totally Wrong

Thought you'd mastered the basics of life? Think again.

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1. Breathing

I swear, I'd get in trouble for breathing the wrong way :-)

First up, it's a technical one. Scientists have known for a long time that we humans are incredibly inefficient breathers, because we breathe with our chests. That might sound totally normal to you, but in fact, we should be breathing from our diaphragms, which is below our ribs and closer to our stomachs. Breathing from our chests means we're wasting most of the power our lungs can generate. And now you're ready to spend a very self-conscious day listening to yourself inhaling.

You're welcome.

2. Typing

when you mistype a URL and then every time after you start typing the right URL but it autocorrects to the wrong URL...

This one goes out to all you office workers and admin types. You know those little feet that are attached to the back of your keyboard that prop it up? Well, they're supposed to be there for ergonomic reasons, but in fact they're only useful for people who need to see the keyboard while they type. If you can touch type (and if you were born any later than '85 you probably can) then having your keyboard propped up can just increase the risk of damaging your wrists. Fold down!

3. Eating apples

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It's now been proven that biting into the side of an apple means the person eating it will waste about 30% of the fruit as they try to avoid the core. Instead, we should all be starting from the top and working our way to the bottom, missing out the seeds in the middle but taking in all the rest of the appley goodness.

4. Peeling bananas

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Sticking with our fruit theme, how do you peel a banana? If it's from the top where the stalk is, then it's time for me to break it to you – you've been peeling bananas like a moron your whole life. Peeling from the bottom means the banana skin will come away in just two easy parts, and you avoid all those strange stringy things too. Seriously, what are those?

5. Eating chocolate digestives

We all love a chocolate digestive. It's already a great biscuit, but adding chocolate makes it 4,000 x better. But McVities blew our minds recently by revealing that the chocolate is actually on the bottom of the biscuits. That's right – they're not chocolate topped, they've got a chocolate butt instead. So what do we do now? Open the packets upside down? Let the chocolate melt and get all sticky on the plate? Cue mass panic all over the nation.

6. Eating pizza

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Let's continue on our foodie rampage now with the simple fact that you've all been eating pizza incorrectly. Never mind if you're the kind of person who eats it with a knife and fork – leave right now – we now know that even picking up a slice is ruining your pizza eating experience. Apparently, we should all be removing the crust and placing it lengthways in the middle of our pizza slice, then folding and eating like a sandwich. It means getting crust in every bite and (this is the really clever bit) it reinforces the pizza if the slice is a bit thin and floppy.

7. Eating cupcakes

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Just in case we haven't ruined your eating experience enough already, let's talk about cupcakes. We all know that the best bit of a cupcake is the frosting, and the temptation to lick through it all before you've even reached the cake is way too much. Turns out, we've all totally missed the point of cupcakes. They're not supposed to be little mounds of buttercream-topped goodness – they're supposed to be sandwiches. Cut your cupcake in half and put the bottom on top so the frosting is in the middle and you'll have frosting in every bite. How easy was that?

8. Playing Monopoly

I'm playing monopoly at 2:45 am and it couldn't be more intense

Love a game of Monopoly but hate how fast it turns into a full on family fistfight? Well, it turns out there's a fast way to shorten Monopoly games that's completely above board and in the rules. If you land on a property you can either buy it OR auction it off to another player. No, seriously. When was the last time anyone ever opened up an auction in a Monopoly game you were in? Well, it's totally legit and cuts playing time in half.

9. Buying speakers

Dear followers. Please donate more pringle party speakers my way #addict

Having a house party and need to make sure you have a truly banging sound buuuut you've got no cash? Well, according to Pringles, the only thing you need to do is put your phone into one of their crisp cans and you've got a cheap as chips (literally) speaker. This also works if you put your phone into a glass. Okay, so it's never going to give you the audio quality of a stereo, but it's a good temporary fix. Plus, then you've got extra money to spend on Pringles. Everyone wins.

10. Eating Tic Tacs

Saved the best for last. Have you ever wondered why there's that little groove on the inside of a Tic Tac box lid? No, me neither, but I can safely say that we've all been eating Tic Tacs wrong since they first came out in 1969. That's 46 years of complete idiocy. Mind. Blown.

11. Or, you know, ignore all of that.

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So, you can now either go sort your life out and have hours of endless fun with a Tic Tac box. Or, you can just carry on with your life, content at being useless at most things. Like this guy.

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