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Dec 2020
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    littlebitalexis commented on It’s OK To Feel Weird Watching “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” In The “Defund The Police” Era

    I don’t understand why they chose to talk about B99 (a show that has always been extremely progressive). They should be focused on shows like true detective which glorify police brutality.


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    littlebitalexis commented on 17 TV Shows That Ended Exactly When They Needed To

    Crazy ex-girlfriend is one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. As someone with really bad depression, I’ve never related to a show as strongly as I related to crazy ex-girlfriend. They do a fantastic job of illustrating the nuances of living with a mental illness and I strongly recommend… 


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    littlebitalexis commented on These Gen Z Women Think Sex Positivity Is Overrated

    I definitely feel like they don’t really understand what sex positivity is. I’m an big sex positivity advocate, but I haven’t had sex in a long time and very rarely have sex with other people. To me sex positivity isn’t about “embracing hook-up culture and exploring kinks” it’s about… 


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    littlebitalexis commented on People Are Freaking Out Over This Model's Forehead Reduction Surgery Because They Didn't Realize It Was A Thing

    Just a heads up for anyone who thinks this type of surgery is a good idea, it’s definitely not. My dad is a plastic surgeon and when I showed him this article he was dumbfounded. This type of surgery doesn’t actually reduce the size of persons forehead because forehead skin has more… 


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    littlebitalexis commented on People With Vaginas, What's Something You Wish You Learned About Your Body Sooner?

    I wish I would have known sooner that all vulvas are different and it’s those differences that make all vulvas beautiful! The labia majora (outer lips) length varies from 6cm to 12cm, the labia minora (inner lips) length varies from 2cm to over 10cm. The labia itself can be thicker… 


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