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    • little0ne

      Growing up asachild/teenager & even an adult it is hard. Yes there are those bullies who just dont giveadamn, and think its funny to pick on other people. No matter what the reason is, if you dont like someone then who cares dont be mean to someone because of it. And there should be more people standing up for others dont just do it to “FIT” in.Imyself have been bullied and it all started whenihit grade 8. which was Jr. High School for me. Andijust wanted everything to go away.Iam so sorry to hear for the loss of your daughter. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family from mine.Ijust wish that this world would come to an understanding and for the ones who are making this hurtful crime to peers would REALIZE. its notaJOKE, everyone has feelings. The thing is, if this was happening to the one who was doing the insults… im sure that you would not think itwas fun. SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE….. STOP THE BULLYING!!!!!! ….. find something else to do with your time. we are all just like you trying to beaperson, and haveahappy life. Thanks Sara.

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