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10 People Who Only Need 30 Seconds To Prove They're Better Than You

We don't know what "it" is, but we know for sure that these people have it. Thirty seconds is record speed, but swish with LISTERINE® Mouthwash and you can have "it", too.

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1. These trick shot all-stars.

davidkalb / Via

2. This cat who is smarter than you.

3. This frisbee virtuoso.

Brody Smith / Via

4. The guy you always beg to be your pong partner.

Tum Yeto / Via

5. This woman who is a natural dog trainer.


6. People who are smart enough to invent tricks like this.

7. The bowler who doesn't care about your game, you n00b.

8. This dog that has more self control than you.

9. This guy who can accessorize in 2 seconds flat.

10. The physics nerds who can land a 9 pointer.

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