8 Things Homeschooled Kids Are Tired Of Hearing

Whether you’re still being home-schooled or not, these eight things will rile you up.

1. “Are you off school today?”

Screen Gems / Via makeglitterrain.tumblr.com

*le sigh* Now you have to explain why you’re out and about during normal school hours. That, or you look like a truant. This inevitably leads to our next point…

2. “So, are your parents teachers?”

Marvel / Via giphy.com

No, no, a thousand times no! It is legal to homeschool your own kids without having a teaching qualification (though many parents do).

3. “You must get so lonely!”

Touchstone Pictures / Via giphy.com

Pardon?! Many homeschooled kids have *more* social interactions, with a wider variety of people and ages than regular school kids can.

4. “So did you do exams?”

NBC / Via giphy.com

This is probably for the older age ones. Some kids are signed up as external candidates and others wait till college.

5. “You must be so spoilt!”

Mutant Enemy Productions / Via giphy.com

Just… wow…

6. “Do you wear a uniform?”

Nickelodeon / Via giphy.com


7. “I wish I’d been homeschooled.”

NBC / Via giphy.com

Often with a subtle hint of that-sounds-so-easy.

8. “Wow I’d never have realized! You’re just like a normal person!”

ABC / Via giphy.com

What were you expecting?! A llama?!

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