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    • LissaAnn

      1.) Not really. 2.) Not really. I can long board but that’s like the training wheels on a bike. 3.) Kinda scared. 4.) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO! 5.) Nope. 6.) Ummm. Pretty much everyone I know is tanned or sunburned. 7.) Yes! And I go almost every Friday night. I can’t wait for the all nighter. 8.) You see them every once in awhile. Sometimes, you don’t even notice until someone else points them out. 9.) I saw TBBT live twice last year. 10.) BAHAHAHA!!! This is so true. You get so use to it that you really lose the sensation of an earthquake under at least 4.0. 11.) Yes. You can’t see anything when you have to drive out of it. You are completely blind and can be disoriented so easily. 12.) Yes. It sucks. I only work 15 miles away and my commute time is 1 hour. 13.) It rolls off your tongue easily. 14.) Yes. Crystal Cove is gorgeous. 15.) Yes. I live and work in the OC. 16.) 90000-93599 is SoCal. So, everything up to Delano is SoCal. 17.) Yup. It’s really a quiet community. 18.) Actually, it really isn’t that bad. 19.) Yup… worst week ever but I lost 12 pounds. 20.) Nope. 21.) Apparently, you don’t know about the Asian food here. Don’t get me wrong Mexican Food is great. But Pho, Dim Sum, Sushi Bars, Tea & Boba Houses, Shabu, or Korean BBQ is Oh so mouth-watering.
      When I travel back east, I get if I’m on TV because my accent is “just like on TV.” o_O

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