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    • lissaa

      Why post a story like this at all? I commented when it first went up under the title “How to murder your friends on Facebook” and stated that it would lead to incessant cyberbullying. Changing the title does not change the intent. Or the inherent damage this “practice” can cause. My question is, why give ANYONE the keys to pranks like this? Again, my comment last week about irresponsibility in journalism stands. Why is this being provided at all? I wrote the author who has not yet replied. My original comment (at the bottom of this thread stands; I urge you to (for want of a better term” kill this story and make sure it isn’t archived. There are too many malicious people who will take this and run with it.

    • lissaa

      And while you so irresponsibly give the instructions on how to harass someone by DEactivating their account without their permission, you do not give them the instructions as to how to reactivate it. How incredibly damaging this can be to teens who will randomly, and probably with widespread glee, pick on their targets in ways unforeseen to those kids. Buzzfeed, you’ve messed up big time. Again, either take down this article, or provide warnings that it is harassment. And for the sake of decency, give instructions as to how to recover the accounts!

    • lissaa

      Tampering withaperson’s Facebook account is tantamount to cyberbullying. This is irresponsible on your part, to even post this, much less leave out the fact that by playing this “prank” on people, you cause them undue inconvenience at best, harassment at worst. Remember the last prank played on someone?Aperson died. For real.Iurge you to at least add to this story that by havingaperson’s FB account deactivated, even in jest, it isaviolation of FB’s terms.

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