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Whomst Are You?

we all know you've been dying to find out which slyker you are.

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  1. Where can you be found on a typical day at home?

    Bed, watching food network live in between naps
    Eating out bc that vegan shit is not real food
    Watching crime shows while working on a 1000 piece puzzle
  2. Which dog do you relate to the most?

    Heedle, the lizard king
    Merlin, the white demon
    Girl, the fat sami
  3. What show are you most likely to binge?

    Survivor, bc you never know when you could be stranded with a group of strangers
    Pioneer Woman, Ladd is too much of a hunk to pass up
    Law and Order: SVU, those dedicated detectives really do great work
  4. What music are you blasting on car trips?

    Glass animals, self declaring How to be a Human Being album of the year (even tho it had been out for about 5 months)
    Any soundcloud remix which u proceed to do weird arm dance moves to
    Something that is so not mainstream yet bc you know real music when you hear it
  5. Are you a vegan?

    Hellz no
    When I'm sober
    meh, more like 85% no wait 65% okay actually not at all
  6. Pick your favorite movie quote.

    Why yes my favorite is gouda
    What's the state fish of Hawaii? The Humuhumunukunukuapua'a. Yeah, bitch!
    You shall not pass!
  7. What cracks you up the most?

    seƱor no!
    merlin flailing off the couch in slo mo
    quality meme content
  8. What's your favorite stacia cooked meal?

    refried beans
    Subway and Taco Bell even though Mom said save appetite for the chicken she's been thawing
  9. Do you sport?

    I walk on treadmills?
    club lax brahhh
    hahaha you need coordination for sports
  10. What is your summer job?

    indentured servitude
    dishwashing with the homies (ily iceman)
    for the last time being unwell and sickened dog
  11. Where is your ideal family meltdown place?

    a tiny crowded indian restaurant in Palm Springs
    sprinting through Chicago airport to catch a flight while projectile voming
    the club bc moooom I wanted a cheeseburger not a hamburger but oh hey jack
    floating down a street during a monsoon in Lake Placid while mom tries to scream at you to stop. but sry mom can't hear you

Whomst Are You?

You got: Brock

You are basically the coolest bro in fratdom. You have no regard for your health and will eat only the fattiest foods but your fav is the banana chimichunga as long as it's real nutella. Just don't have anyone tell you "it's my birthday guys."

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You got: Casey

You are a true athlete but sleep and those treadmill walks are more important that the D1 life. Charmar has nothing on you and you know how to evade a camera. Anything for some late night eats right?? As long as it's not an onion.

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You got: Ellis

You're probably going to be living at home forever but honestly that's fine. Free rent right?? Maybe there's a future career as an interventionist since we all know you have plenty of life experience to really make a difference.

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