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The Low Key Littest Reasons To Attend An HBCU:

Now more than ever, HBCU's are relevant in the scope of US higher eduction. Here are a few examples of low key, but extremely lit reasons to attend an HBCU that might get overlooked in traditional college searches and applications.

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2. HBCU’s are meccas where trends and culture are cultivated and distributed.

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Hillman College in the show "A Different World" is supposedly loosely based on Hampton University. Wanda Sykes, DJ Tay James (Justin Bieber's DJ), and DJ Envy of the radio morning show "The Breakfast Club" are all Hampton University alumni.

3. HBCU’s define, challenge and expand black beauty standards.

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A wonderful place where Black Girl (& Black Boy) Magic lives and thrives. HBCU's promote what traditional media outlets are known to exclude; Black academic excellence, natural beauty in all shades, textures and sizes. Not to mention breakthroughs in style, trends, and a foundation of strength and dignity.

4. HBCU’s constantly reinforce black excellence and defy stereotypes in real time.

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From health initiatives that cater to African Americans and Black people specifically, to politics, lobbying and protests promoting Black agendas, to Black culture and media that help shape diverse views in predominantly white spaces. HBCU networks and alumni are strong, active forces in today's society, and are often eager to help the next generation move forward.

5. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) stats conclude 25% of Black Americans earn their STEM degrees at HBCUs, produce more professionals in these fields:

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•18% of ALL engineering degrees earned by African American students;

•31% of ALL biological science degrees earned by African American students;

•31% of ALL mathematics degrees earned by African American students;

•21% of ALL business and management degrees earned by African American students;

•42% of ALL agricultural science degrees earned by African American students; and,

•17% of ALL health profession degrees earned by African American students.

6. HBCU's retain more minority & disadvantaged students than PWI's (Predominantly White Institutions).

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A 2015 U.S. News ranking lists the top five HBCUs for retaining students after freshman year: Spelman College (at 88% retention) Morehouse College (82.5%), Howard University (82.3%), Florida A&M University (79.5%) & Winston-Salem State University (78.3%) The top 10 PWIs had retention rates ranging from 97.5 - 99% – BUT the retention numbers for minority students was lower. HBCUs are also thought leaders for advancing the rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and queer students, with Morehouse College offering its first LGBTQ course in 2013.

7. There is no "one size fits all" HBCU, find the one that works for you.


Though most HBCUs are 4-year institutions in the southern United States, they represent a diverse set of institutions in 19 states, the District of Columbia, and the Virgin Islands. Are both public and private; single-sex and coeducational; predominantly Black and more White; 2-year and 4-year colleges; research universities, professional schools, community colleges, and small liberal arts colleges.

8. And of course the Greek Life is lit.


Yes HBCU greeks know how to have a good time, and can step, stroll and stomp the yard. But did you know their history (many Divine 9 founded in the early 20th century), or how deeply invested they are in their communities, academic rigor and political development?

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