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Weird things Wrappers do

Baby wearing is a weird and wonderful world. Here's a list of some of the "weird" things you may have seen us do, which by the way, are completely normal to us!

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Weird things that Wrappers do


Meticulously checking over wraps that just arrived: Are the seams perfect? any pulls? OH SHIT A BROKEN THREAD! Oh no.. just a stray thread.

Checking tags for blends: I have been guilty of not being satisfied when a tag said 60% wool in a clothes store. But "WHICH wool?! Is it angora? Marino? cashmere?! Is it ethically sourced?!"
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Sniffing wraps: Each blend smells differently. Some silk smells like bug cocoons (to me anyway), Wool has a certain smell, even hemp and various cottons have their own mild signature smells.

Cuddling wraps when they're not being used to carry a baby: Lap blanket/ Shawl/ Lenny Kravitz scarf anyone? I like to sit with a lap wrap while I write my reviews.

Making other people feel them: Touch it! Touch it! Feel the blend!!!!

Organising: Usually done by colour, company & size... Is sorting by blend too far?

Geeking out: Comparing widths of different wraps, different seams, the feel, the wrapping qualities, even blend percentages.

Taper talk: Tapers are the ends of the material, they come in a lot of varied styles. Are they blunt? are there tassels? are they long and wispy??? Sahhh many variations!

Sound checks: Listening to the sounds some wraps produce when the material is rubbed together or "flooped" which is when the material is rippled like a ribbon dancer would, in order to produce a sound.

Breaking in: Spending hours knotting, braiding, pulling through loops, sitting on & sometimes even sleeping on wraps to get them to an optimal level of "smooshiness".

Fan-girling: I pledge allegiance to XYZ therefore I must hate ABC because they are at war -_-

Watching the BST boards/ fan groups: Next level Mombies

The grin & nod: When you spot another wrapper out & about and give them the old, "you're part of my tribe" grin.

Eating in wraps: Lets see how many crumbs we can NOT get on baby's head today.

Peeing in wraps: Het, a mama gotta do, what a mama gotta do.... Just hope you don't end up with wet tails. 

Crying over wraps: Hey, it happens.. wrappers can be emotional. Sometimes the excitement is just too much for us.... orrrr if something sentimental gets damaged... eep! 

Sending wraps travelling, sometimes to complete strangers: Done for one of 3 reasons: to share the love & give people a chance to try our beloved wrap, to see if we'll miss before we contemplate selling or to get other mums interested in our wrap.

Paying more for a wrap than it was originally sold for: Yup, it happens. Sometimes we can justify a rare or highly sought after wrap copping "market value".

Selling something second hand for what we paid for it: Crazy right? And that's usually a good deal! 

Playing Doctor: Getting out the magnifying glasses and preforming microsurgery if our thread babies have somehow sustained a pull.

Collecting: No seriously, gotta catch em all. These are like Pokemon for some Mums

Not all wrappers are as extreme, have you caught yourself doing some or all of these? 

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