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5 Truths About Makeup YouTubers

This post is about the real aspects of Makeup YouTubers. Learn from this post, and have fun with it.

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1. Most of the Makeup YouTubers are pretty...

KathleenLights / Via

Not all of the Makeup YouTubers are beautiful, and there also has no appearance rules for those Makeup YouTubers. However, the most popular Makeup YouTubers are always beautiful and charming. Whatever they wear, they are already beautiful enough.

2. Sponsored beauty products...

thataylaa / Via

As a Makeup YouTuber becomes well-known, cosmetic companies will find them as a way for promoting their products. The platform is disassembled into a reassembled sponsored product world. Since the YouTubers promote the products on their channel, the products will get popular among the whole makeup platforms. Then both makeup YouTubers and companies get benefits.

3. Connected platforms and reassembled society for Makeup YouTubers...

CraveTV / Via

Like we can make friends through face-to-face daily life. Makeup YouTubers also have the makeup community. Through the thin cable, they are making friends with each other. Makeup YouTubers form their own social networks on the virtual community.

4. Makeup YouTuber as a Full Time job...

The Hills / Via

While watching the "50 facts about me" tag, a lot of the Makeup YouTubers say they put full energy and effort on operating their Makeup channels. Although they might have job before, they consider that they can make more profits through the makeup channels. Makeup YouTuber becomes a kind of real job now.

5. Vertical Convergence...

Nicades / Via

Vertical convergence in this case means, the Makeup YouTuber get started her own brand. She can produce her own products, and also promote them through her own channels. For example, Kat Von D, Kylie Jenner, and Michelle Phan are famous Makeup YouTubers who use vertical convergence model. They are not only amateurs like other makeup YouTubers, they are also businesswomen since then.

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