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American Christmas VS. Italian-American Christmas!

Eh, Painsano! Buona Natale!

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There's nothing quite like Christmas time, right? The snow in the air, the holiday cheer and quality time with your family. And if you're Italian, Christmas is a bigger celebration than that of your friend's families. Here are a few reasons why.

How WE greet each other at the door.


There's very little exaggeration here. The only thing missing is ten cousins tackling to hug you and that one uncle sarcastically yelling, "Who the hell invited this kid?"

Every family has a traditional Christmas dinner...


You know the typical dinner: Turkey or ham, some sort of vegetable, bread, potatoes. A meal pretty similar to that of Thanksgiving. A perfect meal fit for a Norman Rockwell painting.

But an Italian family's Christmas dinner has a little extra...


Of course we eat the traditional Christmas dinner! What, are you crazy or somethin'? But, we eat a little more than the average American. So, there's usually an extra side of pasta, some meatballs, sausage, probably some pork or beef and salad. Because we're watching our figures.

One table? HA! Never gonna happen.


Please! There are going to be dinner tables in at least three different rooms!

Me: "Eh, Nonna! It's so good! Molto bene!"

*Crowd cheers*

Nonna: "What?"


Nonna: "I LOVE YOU, TOO!"

We're SCREAMING "Dominic the Donkey" and "Peppino the Italian Mouse"


"Chingedy Ching!"

Whatever your traiditions are, Christmas time is a very special time to spend with the ones you love. Give hugs and kisses, eat too much and open as many presents as you can! Mostly, share love with those around you and cherish this special time together. From my family to yours...

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