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8 Struggles All Cosmetics Retail Workers Know Too Well

To all of the women (and men) who work in the cosmetics sales game, you have my undying respect. I worked in the beauty industry for the longest four years of my life. And one of the many things I've noticed about working the retail side specifically is that cosmetics employees seem to always have similar complaints about the job. So, this one's for you. The infantry on the front lines of the makeup army. We salute you!

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1. The People Who Only Come In For The FREE Samples.


Excuse me?! I didn't show up to work today just to give stuff away all day! I'm trying to make some money here! If you're not buying anything, get outta here!

2. The Women Trying On The Display Lipsticks WITHOUT Sanitizing It First!



No matter how clean we try to keep the display items, there's always someone who sneaks a swatch when our backs are turned. And you're going to try on a random lipstick without knowing if it's been cleaned or not? Stop! This is what I'm here for! Let me clean it for you! Please don't make me watch this!!

3. That Lady Who Wants You To Ditch Your Customer To Help Her RIGHT NOW!


"Oh! I'm so sorry, your majesty! I didn't realize I was in the presence of the Queen of Rude-burg! I shall drop everything at once to kiss your feet, your highness!"

Get over yourself, honey...

4. When The New Shipment Of Products Comes In...


Unloading and opening box after box after box after box.

It never freaking ends, man! I don't remember a time when this wasn't happening!!

5. The Customer Who Spills Product Everywhere And Walks Away Like Nothing Happened.


This happens far too often.

People, I'm pleading with you. Don't touch stuff! Ask us for help! We'd rather help you find what you need than have to clean up an impossible mess. Because no matter how many times we dust or mop or whatever, weeks and months from then we will inevitably find more of that damn powder!

6. The Spoiled Brats.


We all know this customer. Poor little rich girl is forced to go shopping with daddy's credit card and is only allowed to spend $3,000 instead of the usual $4,000 and complains when you don't have the unreleased products before their release date.

Ugh, her life must be so hard...

7. Black Friday Shoppers...


Need I say more?

8. Those Who Only Buy During Gift With Purchase And Then Return Everything EXCEPT The Gift!


I cannot begin to explain how rage inducing this is! There should be a law that you cannot return items that were purchased for a GWP. Or a penalty that makes you pay for the GWP if you attempt to return the other items! BOOM! That'd be amazing...

All of these people and these things are annoying as all hell but, we gotta stick together! Just remember that if you're good to them, they'll come back and spend more money. And that what it's all about!

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