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8 Apps For A Healthier, Happier You In 2017!

Need to get organized? Healthy? Fit? Download these apps and you'll be on your way to a new and improved you!

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1. My Fitness Pal


MyFitnessPal is great if you're looking for something to track every little detail of your diet and exercise. Enter your BMI and your intention (losing x amount of pounds, gaining x pounds of muscle and so on.) and the app will give you a strict diet to follow. It'll track how many calories, sugars, carbs, etc. that you should be having per day. You can enter your level of activity daily such as walking and exercise. Basically, if you're looking for the all-in-one app, MyFitnessPal is the one to go to!

2. PumpUp


Do you usually turn to social media for your diet or fitness inspiration? If you follow more fitness pages on Instagram than you'd like to admit, turn your attention over to PumpUp! PumpUp is the health and fitness world's equivalent to Instagram. You can follow people, like and comment on their pictures a search through the latest newsfeed. The app also provides workouts for you depending on which intensity you're looking for and which muscles you're looking to focus on. If you're not on this app, you NEED to be!

3. HealthyOut


How often are you stuck going out to eat with friends and you're not sure what on the menu you can eat without completely blowing your diet? Well, HealthyOut let's you know what restaurants are near you and what on their menu you can eat! You can also look up certain restaurants and see what they've got! It'll help you stay on track instead of falling off the rails!

4. 1 Gallon a Day


Dehydrated? Can't seem to remember to drink your daily amount of water? You're not the only one. SO many people get headaches, feel fatigued and have other issues caused by the simplest thing: lack of water. How silly! With 1 Gallon A Day, you'll get periodical reminders to drink some water. It'll track how much of your daily helping you've already had and how much more you have to go. You can also choose how much you've had with each log in like a small cup, large cup, or a bottle! You'll never have the excuse of dehydration again!

5. My Cycles


Keeping track of your ummm.... "lady time" just got easier! My Cycles tracks your period, your fertile window and let's you know when you're ovulating! So, whether you're avoiding or trying to get pregnant, this is the app for you! You log your symptoms like your mood, your physical state, any medication and your level of physical activity. And yes, that includes sexy time. Having a cycle tracker is great because it minimizes your chances or unwanted surprises (i.e. babies and dirty underoos)

6. Stop, Breathe & Think


Let's focus on the mind for a bit, shall we? Getting healthy and getting fit doesn't just mean eating right and having killer abs (as great as that would be to have!). We also need to take care of our minds and make sure we take time to clear it. This app gives you the right meditation for each days needs. Log different emotions you're feeling and it will help you accordingly. There are different lengths for the meditations, too! See as your stress melts away... Ah...

7. Elevate


How about a little brain training while we're at it? Elevate is designed to test your mind and keep it active through a series of games, quizzes and activities. Just input what your focuses are and the app will create the perfect brain work out for you! Easy as pie, right?! And how can you turn down pie?!

8. Relaxing Sounds


Relaxing Sounds by AppCamelot is a miracle of an app. There are two great reasons to download this app: 1. If you're having trouble falling asleep. 2. If you have anxiety and need to hear soothing sounds to drown out whatever's stressing you out. There are a variety of sounds to choose from and you can even set it to turn off and on at certain times in your day! There are more sound options with the upgraded version but, the free app will be more than helpful to everybody who tries it! Go relax now!

9. BONUS APP! MinimaList


Personally, I'm a hand-written to-do list kind of person but, I've forgetting to check it more and more often. So, I downloaded this app to transfer my to-do list onto. Once I started using this instead as well as my written list, I was getting EVERYTHING done. I was winning all the wins! With this, you can input everything that you want to do today or create new lists to use for future dates! It's that easy! There's even a screen on it with each swiping direction used on the app so that you'll never forget and be able to navigate with ease! How considerate! Once you've downloaded it, you'll be hooked!

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