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10 Things Left-Handed People Are Tired Of Hearing!

Yes, I am left-handed. No, I don't want to hear some made up statistic about lefties.

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1. Me: *starts writing* Friend: OH MY GOD! You're left-handed?!


I didn't end world hunger! I just wrote my name! RELAX!

2. "Have you always been left-handed?"


Noooo... I randomly decided to switch it up when I was 12.


3. "What happens if you write with your right hand?"


4. "Oh! So, you can write with both hands?"


I'm left-handed. Having the ability to write with both hands would called being ambidextrous, which I am not.

5. "Are both of your parents left-handed, too?"


Yes, of course! Because we all know that only left-handed people can breed more left-handed children. Who ever heard of a left-handed child coming from a Right-handed parent?! IMPOSSIBLE! (please note the heavy use of sarcasm)

6. "Wow. I've never met a left-handed person before!"


Yeah well, we've been hiding out with a couple of unicorns and Bigfoot. So, I can see how you haven't run into many of us mythical creatures...

7. "Oh, you're left-handed? Do you have, like, really bad handwriting?"


Where did the implication that all lefties have bad handwriting come from?!!

8. "Oooh! You should go talk to *insert name here*! They're left-handed, too!"


9. "Wait! I'm gonna throw this to you and I want you to catch it with your right hand!"


Nope. Not gonna happen, bro.

10. And last but, certainly not least... Creepy Guy: Oh, you're left-handed? What else can you do with that hand? Me:


That's one thing I can do...

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