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    These Brands Want To Have A Sustainable Future For Our Planet

    You're saving the planet if you buy products from these companies! Learn more about sustainability initiatives of these four brands.

    1. Coca-Cola Company and Rain Barrels Initiative


    Together with River Network, the brand is contributing to replenishing fresh water resources. For almost 10 years Coca-Cola has been donating its syrup drums to use them as rain water storage. "Since 2008, Coca-Cola has donated more than 84,000 syrup drums to local charities, municipalities and schools to repurpose and install as rain barrels in their communities."

    2. Mars Inc. and Sustainable Cocoa Initiative


    If you're a chocolate lover be sure now you have a reason to buy Mars products. Just tell your dietitian "I need to help this company to build a sustainable future!" Recently the company has launched its Cocoa Initiative aiming to "have 100 percent of the cocoa certified". This is one among many other programs that the company is involved in. Learn more

    3. Nike Inc. Focuses On Sustainable Production

    Via Nike Sustainable Business Report (

    If you're wearing Nike shoes right now then you can be sure you've bought a sustainable product. This company is one of the best examples of brand which values green production. Nike is constantly improving usage of the resources and designs products to make the least harm to the environment. As it is stated by the company, "Nike is targeting a 10% reduction in the average environmental footprint of its shoes by 2020."

    4. Apple Can Become a Wholesale Seller of Renewable Energy Soon

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    The company is targeting on saving resources through alternative energy production. As it goes in NY Times, Apple already has a couple of locations that function on renewable energy produced and supplied by the company. Moreover it "recently received a federal designation for its energy subsidiary that allows it to become a wholesale seller of electricity from coast to coast."