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The Top NINE List Of What You Need To Know About Rosh Hashana (but Were Afraid To Ask)

Rosh Hashana literally translated means "The Head of the Year" which in modern language really is equivalent to, "Happy New Year" for the Jewish population throughout the world. But what do people do to celebrate this holiday?

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Or Paz Jewelry from Israel / Via

Rosh Hashana is often marked with attending synagogue and eating celebratory feasts. When you go somewhere for a celebratory meal how do you get to your destination? Let this arrow guide you! Bring sweet honey cake, and don't forget a great piece of jewelry for the hostess! (J338623)

8. What DOES the six-pointed star mean?

or paz jewelry from israel / Via

The "Jewish" Star also called The Star of David (✡), is a generally recognized symbol of modern Jewish identity and Judaism. Beautifully comprised of two equilateral triangles (called a hexagram) it became a Jewish symbol sometime in the 19th century. (Item J338327)

7. Did someone say flowers?

or paz jewelry from israel / Via

Roses gracefully placed on a festive table take it to the next higher level of elegance. But....roses that last forever? These beauties will! (J320408 & J278044)

6. Apples & Honey.....why?

or paz jewelry from israel / Via

Well, aside from the fact that apples and honey are absolutely delicious together, the holiday of Rosh Hashana is flecked with symbolic gestures to ensure that the coming year is sweet. Apples freshly picked from the garden signify the fall harvest, and flowing honey - well, that's just the icing on the cake! (J33126)

5. POMEGRANATES? Awesomely healthy! / Via

In addition to the amazing health benefits that pomegranates boast, such high fiber, low potassium and protein, pomegranates are seemingly a popular fruit to beautify the Rosh Hashana table - so, why? Could it be that the pomegranate was really the fruit of the tree in the Garden of Eden? Could it be that the abundance of seeds are symbolically representative of the good deeds we plan on doing in the coming New Year. In either it just me or do these rubies resemble pomegranate seeds? (J330240)

4. Make NOISE!

or paz jewelry from israel / Via

Well, don't cause a riot, but a certain sound that has been embedded in the Rosh Hashanah service is the blowing of a Ram's horn, called a "SHOFAR". Why? It is kind of a symbolic "alarm clock" waking us up so we don't sleep through the new year and miss out. So, don't "blow it" by losing out an opportunity! (J331468)

3. Challah - YUMMY!!!

or paz jewelry from Israel / Via

As much of the Rosh Hashanah practices are steeped in ritual and tradition, a delicious and essential meal-staple comes to mind. Challah, a yeasty-sweet bread (not sweetbreads, that's just not happening) is the doughy goodness that tastes amazing dipped in honey. Often served round, the shape symbolizes both a crown (to indicate that we all have the power to be kings and queens) as well as the cyclical calendar. (J331453)

2. What is the value?

Or paz jewelry from israel / Via

Any denomination of currency is relatively symbolic to what it can purchase. Historically, monarchs and despots minted their own currency as a way of proving leadership. Ironically, we still put faces on coins, but they have more of historical significance rather than a power marker. The first minted coins in Israel were dated back to approximately 4th century BCE. Ironically, the Jewish calendar (which established Rosh Hashana) predates even that! (J330239)

1. Family. Family. Familia!

or paz jewelry from israel / Via

While the variety of customs and rituals celebrated during the "High Holidays" is often varied, colorful and interesting, a common thread appears through them all. FAMILY. When family is together at a festive meal, it truly does not matter how the table is set, nor the food that is served, (but let's be honest, we would rather have a home cooked meal over take out). Family - is what represents our past, present and future. Have a Happy New Year! (j338299)

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