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Silver, It's Not Just For Jewelry You Know! we know that silver looks great as a bracelet, necklace, ring or earring, but other than jewelry does it have any practical use?

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1. Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Back to the Mines we go!


Let's start with the basics. Silver has been mentioned in ancient documents (like the Bible) and archaeologists have found evidence of such as elaborate washing tables that suggest that silver was processed as early as the 4th millennium BCE in Asia minor.

Silver is mined, but not usually found in nuggets like the picture above! Rather found with other minerals such as gold, and then - here's the fancy term - extracted by amalgamation or electrolysis.

2. Money, Money, Money!


YUP! Silver is currency! The silver standard was widespread from early 16th century, when large silver deposits were discovered in Bolivia. These silver dollar coins played the role of an international trading currency for nearly four hundred years.

And...are you ready for something mind blowing? The term silver dollar is often used for any large white metal coin issued by the United States with a face value of one dollar, whether or not it contains some of that metal.

3. Have you heard of COLLODIAL SILVER?


Colloidal silver is a mineral. And, you have probably run across thousands of testimonials about colloidal silver helping people with practically every disease you’ve (never) heard about. It is NOT an essential mineral supplement (despite claims to try to sell you product). In 1999, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ruled that colloidal silver products were not considered safe or effective. Not only that, there are currently NO FDA-approved over-the-counter or prescription drugs containing silver that are taken by mouth.

However, you can still find colloidal silver products being sold as homeopathic remedies and dietary supplements ranging in uses from pink eye to wound care.

4. So, other than jewelry, coins, or medicine, what is silver used for?

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automotive: silver coated contacts, silver membrane switches and other applications

battery manufacturing: for the production of silver cell batteries

brazing and soldering: for the manufacture of alloys

chemical industry: as a catalyst in ethylene oxide plants

electrical and electronics: due to its high electrical conductivity it finds widespread use, such as for the production of light and heavy duty switches, in printable electronics: (e.g RFID tags), and various silver pastes

green technologies: for example, in photovoltaic manufacture, in water

nanotechnology: for the production of nanosilver....and no, for those of you who asked, a SILVER FISH is NOT made from silver!

ornamental: cutlery, cups, goblets and candlesticks

5. What is the current value of silver today?


As of today, silver is selling at $16.38 per ounce. In 2010, it's value average $20.19. So, it's not easy to ascertain whether or not investing in silver is a strategically safe investment. But no matter what, in jewelry, in coins or used for ornamental purposes, silver's beauty, luster and shine is hard to surpass.