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Roman Glass - A Piece Of History

When you wear Roman Glass, you're wearing a piece of history. I just saw a gorgeous necklace, it's brand new - but it's history? How can it be both?

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Let's "DIG" backwards


Roman Glass is ancient glass discovered in archaeological excavation sites in Israel and other Mediterranean countries. Broken fragments of glass from vases, jugs or vessels are uncovered at these sites. The art of glass-blowing probably existed as early as the 1st century BCE. So, it's true, those fragments are about 2000 years old!

What colors are the pieces that are found at excavation sites?

Add some sand, add some time and the aging process begins. Contaminants - both natural and manufactured, in combine with the environment produce vibrant luster and speckling in place of the original single - and CLEAR color (could have been hues of green or blue). Over time, these colors change, and the amazing greens, blues, purples and reds result.

So, it really is historical? How is it made into my ring?


YES IT IS!!! The Roman glass you're wearing on your favorite piece of jewelry went through many was first a blown glass vessel. Then it may have broken over time and recycled into another vessel....then discovered at an archaeological dig site! If the piece has no provenance, then it is not placed at a museum, it will could sold to jewelry designers and manufacturers. Then, layer by layer it is painstakingly applied by hand. Not sure if what you're buying is the real deal? Real Roman Glass comes with a "Certificate of Authenticity."

How do I take care of my treasure?


Do not get it wet....that gorgeous patina will be harmed by water. But the setting may need to be cleaned - especially if silver - so try not to use harsh chemicals either! A soft polishing cloth will go along way to keep your Roman Glass Gorgeous.