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On A Budget? Here Are 9 Ways To Surprise Her That Don't Break The Bank!

Surprises! Most People love it! But when you're on a budget and a big birthday, anniversary or a "just because" moment arrives, it doesn't mean you have to skimp! Think out of the box!

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2. Catch a Favored Flick!


Classic movie or horror fan? If you plan it, she will love it! By knowing what movie she knows off by heart, or what movie you'd stand in line for, whisking her away with surprise tickets to a movie will quicken the plot!

3. Active Activity!


It doesn't all have to happen indoors! Head out to a jazzercise class together, a stroll in the park or rent a segway, bicycle or find a nearby horse and buggy!! Getting out and enjoying a change of scenery will never need to be returned to the store!

4. Don't be bored!! Play a board game!


It's time to whip out monopoly....or maybe you're a Settler's Fan? Game night may bring out your competitive side, but it also serves as a great opportunity to chat and share meaningful thoughts!

5. Go to the Thrift Store!


Take $10 for each of you and head to your nearest Thrift Shop. Shop for each other for an outfit that has to be worn out. Have fun! Make up fake names! go out for cocktails in your new threads!

6. Volunteer Together!


Food bank? Humane Society? Local Soup Kitchen? If you look hard enough, the abundance of volunteer opportunities may surprise you...and the best part of all - you're giving something back to the community!

7. Hunt for Supernatural Species!


Go on a ghost hunt!! That's right....find somewhere spooky....bring a fully charged phone and head to your nearest abandoned house or cemetery....actually, maybe it's not such a good idea, I'm getting frightened just thinking about it!

8. Sing, Sing a Song!!!

If you're extroverted, head over to your nearest karaoke bar and sing, sing a song...sing out loud, sing out strong!! And if you're not inclined to exercise your lungs....go watch others (and try not to laugh too loudly!!)

9. When all else!! / Via

So, you've been there, done that and now it's time to put a ring on it!! That's OK, but you can still purchase a beautiful piece of jewelry without breaking the bank! Silver jewelry looks great, lasts forever and is more affordable than what are you waiting for?

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