Jewelry For Every Season!

Think that jewelry can be worn anytime of the year? Think again! We have found some truly quirky - but often stunning - jewelry, that may influence your decision to wearing it before or after labor day!

1. Summer time, Fun Time!

When would you wear these earrings? In the midst if the winter as a reminder of the summer, or in the middle of the summer to keep your beach experiences fresh?

2. Conch Shell, anyone?

Sandy beaches not enough? Bring the beach right to your hand with a “blingy” shell ring. If you bring the ring close to your ear, do you hear the ocean, or just the cash register?

3. Squirrel-away this gem!

Is the fall weather a reminder that it’s time to hibernate? Well, even if you decide to squirrel away your food until the spring comes, don’t squirrel away this amazing gemstone ring! Sure to be conversation starter, this cutey belongs on your hand!

4. Autumn’s Awesomeness

orpazjewelry / Via

The leaves may have started to fall, but just because the trees are bare, doesn’t mean that your ears have to be! These fabulous fall “climber” earrings are a perfect fall accessory!

5. Let it Snow!

It would come as no surprise to see jewelry adorned with snowflakes. Would you wear a snowflake necklace in the summer?

6. Spring has Sprung!

Spring has sprung, the grass has ‘ris, I wonder where the birdies is? Jewelry bearing symbols of birds is abundantly available, with jewels without, in gold, silver and everything in between. But there is something distinctively sweet about a piece of jewelry with an egg in the nest….I wonder what type of bird will hatch?

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