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Accessorize Every Outfit Like A Star

Pendant or choker? Bangle or Cuff? Ever wondered how to accessorize your outfit to be runway ready? Accessories are mean to compliment your let's find out how to do it right!

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If a cocktail dress is all about the drama, then you need to pick an accessory that will not detract nor compete with the look. so it may be best to consider just ONE piece, rather than earrings, necklace and bracelet!! While a collar, choker or a bib-style necklace may go very well with the neckline, choosing only a great pair of earrings with detailing above and below the lobe will make you say va-va-voom!

Round Neckline? / Via

Wearing a top or dress with a high, round neckline? Then a bold, significantly sized pieced will be a perfect blend of sophistication and attention. Layering is always in style, and mixed metals are all the rage.

Pay Attention to Your Fingers!


Don't forget those 10 digits! Now most people don't wear a ring on each and every finger, but thumb and knuckle rings are all the rage. Don't limit stones to your third or fourth fingers either. A fabulous ring with a center gemstone makes every finger a "ring finger!"

Don't Forget to Adorn those Arms!

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A fabulous charm bracelet is perfect for any size wrist. Chunky and bold, they compliment wrists of any size. Plus, the benefit is that they are customizable! Have a hobby? Add a charm! Love birthstones? Add some!

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