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    13 Fashion Trends That Ladies Love And Guys Hate

    #14. Women wearing clothes.

    1. High-waisted jeans. Oh hey, everyone’s mom in 1995.

    2. Bright colored lipstick. (Bad for kisses! Messy! Yucky!)

    3. Wedges. (Cheese wedges are okay!!)

    4. Those little hook things on bras. Why no velcro bras?

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    5. Floppy hats.

    6. Floppy disks.

    7. Ice cream pockets. Great in theory, terrible on the subway.

    8. This shirt. Not shirts that look like this shirt. Just this shirt.


    9. Purses full of bats.

    10. Glass pants. SO HARD to take off.

    Margaret Vincent / Via

    11. Girls replacing their hair with Silly String.

    12. Bras full of bats.

    13. Rompers.