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The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode One

I'm a few days late and a few dollars short, but I'm still going to talk about what happened on TWD 10/23/16 Lisa Marbly-Warir

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Who will it be?

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The much anticipated season premiere of The Walking Dead 10/23/2016 has come and gone.

~~Possible spoiler~~ for those who have not watched it yet.

Wasn't that awful? As much as I disliked the governor and other TWD villains I hate Negan the most. The graphic and horrifying way Abraham and Glenn died rivals the horrific death of Hershel. I'm going to be honest and say it took me a minute to get over that one. It's been about 3 years since that episode and I'm still talking about it. :(

Season 7 episode: 1—As Maggie struggled to contain her grief and anger the following morning—I felt her pain. I am so glad they chose to take the bodies of Abraham and Glenn back for proper burial. I know this is a fictional show, but I couldn't bear the thought of them rotting in the woods alone or being devoured by a walker.

It's amazing how TV characters can capture your heart the way these characters have. When I went to work the following day I was bombarded with "So, did you see it?" I didn't have to ask "What?" I knew—I know who my fellow TWDeadies are. People who have listened to me talk about this show over the years who don't watch it don't get it—although I have turned some people into fans by talking about the show. Then they tell me "I see what you mean, I'm hooked" and my answer "Told ya"

Some people who don't watch the show have come to me and asked me "What is the appeal?" and I tell them—TWD is more than just flesh-eating zombies, it's more about human survival in an apocalyptic world but what is even scarier than zombies are other human beings who would prove to be more dangerous than a zombie ever could be.

There's a reason for the term Dog-eat- dog-world.

If you enjoy this show as much as I do, give a shout out. Tell me your thoughts.

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