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    A Day In The Life Of A Journalist As Told By Cats

    Every journalist (and cat) can relate.

    You will kill for coffee because mornings.

    Once you've had your cup of joe, or three, you chase some stories.

    You’ll go through extraordinary measures to get one.

    Even risk crossing a police line.


    Where occasionally you get caught.

    No day is complete without a source asking to read copy before print.

    Your editor is pressuring you for a story.


    Because deadline.

    But while proofing you find many mistakes.


    Thanks Microsoft Word.

    Lunch is a godsend, when you get it.

    But it is interrupted by somebody.


    Namely that source who has been avoiding you.

    You spend the time between lunch and home time on Twitter watching other journos get into fights with each other.

    Until the editor shows up to look over your shoulder.

    Occasionally there are treats in newsroom.


    Did someone say cupcakes?

    You spend a lot of time avoiding stories you don’t want.

    Because they're always weather related.

    When your computer crashes in the middle of writing a story, you decide it is time to give up and go home.

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