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    22 Pictures Of Dogs Wearing Sweaters On Instagram

    #Dogsinsweaters, 'nuff said.

    1. Here's KC. It's her first sweater.

    megsies84 / Via

    2. OMG TWINS.

    justalovelybunny / Via

    3. This dachshund is rocking a lovely brown number. It really brings out his eyes.

    yippy_n_jonah / Via

    4. This bulldog cross knows we wear pink on Wednesdays.

    adoptabledogsofvbac / Via

    5. Can we go trick-or-treating yet?

    humanesocietyny / Via

    6. Owl-dorable.

    heidiandthecupcakes / Via

    7. It wasn't me.

    nobhillpugs / Via

    8. Quite dachs-ing indeed.

    reeses_17 / Via

    9. What's so funny?

    elisabetnell / Via

    10. Good cop, bad cop.

    youcantswifferthat / Via

    11. This wee pup is sad because it's been raining.

    yumstaaa / Via

    12. How can a dog be even cuter when wearing a sweater? Head tilt.

    kevinzkool / Via

    Nailed it.

    13. Why don't you love me?

    kylatruman / Via

    14. Winner of the awkward family photo dogs in sweaters edition goes to...

    emilywilleman / Via

    These guys. You guessed it!

    15. Dogs in sweaters AND napping. *dies*

    blndiebrit / Via

    16. Guize, my right side is my best side.

    hercampus / Via

    17. Don't say I look like a sausage... Don't say I look like a sausage...

    weiner_doggie / Via

    You look like a sausage, dawg.

    18. This terrier would likely disappear if it weren't for his bright red sweater.

    bradford_photo / Via

    19. I got this.

    bear_the_pom / Via

    20. Acknowledge me!

    kpedb / Via

    21. Fear me!

    aliiharnum / Via

    22. Did someone say cake?

    deadlypanda / Via
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