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    12 Reasons Koalas Need To Stick Around

    With an official status of "vulnerable," koalas are on the threatened species list, but not yet endangered. Their numbers have been declining for a number of years, with the Brisbane Times reporting that the trend is slowing. Here's why koala conservation is important.

    1. They're curious wee things.

    Jay Cronan / Via

    2. The babies have to grow into their cute (and fluff), but they're still just as cuddly.

    Jonathan Carroll / Via

    3. They’re all about family.

    4. Resourceful is their middle name.

    5. They can be a little bit sassy.


    The sass is strong in this one.

    6. Sometimes they just want a hug, like the rest of us, but they also care about nature.

    7. They’re never afraid to accept a helping hand.

    8. They too are affected by bushfires and just want somewhere to live.


    This little guy is just wondering where his tree went. What a sad guy.

    Give them water, if you can.


    Unnnn duuuuuuuh.

    9. They’re just so goddamn fluffy, cute and lovable.


    How can you deny that widdle face?

    10. And a bit weird.


    He just really likes blowing bubbles.

    11. They even know the meaning of relax.


    Maybe a little too much.

    12. And even though they aren’t really a bear, we love them anyway and would do anything to help them along in life.