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Six Reasons Why Kids Should Play With Fire

Aghast with the suggestion that kids should spend time playing with fire? Here’s why it’s a good idea:

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Kids are naturally intrigued by fire, so enforced avoidance can lead to secret and highly dangerous experimentation...

Riverside Cottage Nursery / Via Facebook: RiversideCottageNursery

Kids watching the fire they helped to set and light at a nature nursery in Scotland. it’s much better that young children learn about fire and safety during supervised sessions where adults can demonstrate how a safe fire can be carefully set, lit and extinguished.

Fire is great for STEM learning (science, technology, engineering and maths); helping children to understand the life-preserving and other qualities of this natural element in terms of heat, light and cooking.

Children need risky play - it helps them to be self-confident, better at problem solving and keeping themselves safe.

Riverside Cottage Nursery / Via Facebook: RiversideCottageNursery

Five minute fires at a kids nursery demonstrate how to safely light a fire - and extinguish it.

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